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Not Normal

on April 1, 2010

Had a conversation with a friend. And maybe she doesn’t know that I am now a Christian, we have not seen each other for years. So well, she was recalling our escapades when we were younger and I crinched on the idea of me doing it at present. You see, so many things have changed about me. Aside from the fact that I am now a married woman, I am also a Christian, and I should say I am trying to live up to that name (not implying that I am perfect now), but things just feel different for me now.

My visions, dreams and attitude now is way way way different then. My friend was surprised that I said all things about what is right according to the Bible. She was most surprised when I advised her about not having premarital s**. She knew what I went through when I was still different. She knew how liberated I was when it comes to things like that. It was like her to say ” Parang di mo naman ginawa dati yun o!”. She have the right to say that, because she know what I did in the past. The only answer I managed to give her was that that is exactly the reason I am advising her against it. Because I already know. I already know how much emotional hurt that will bring you, especially once you marry the man for you. You’ll be so sorry that you wasted all those years all those pleasure to a guy that dumped you after getting what he wants from you. You’ll be so sorry that you couldn’t give yourself “whole” to the person whom God has given you. You’ll be so sorry.

I told her I am just blessed that I married a great man who understood (and mind you, he was a virgin when we met, he was 29) and a God who forgave me.

It’s just so not normal to be a virgin anymore. Especially in the industry where I work. What normal now is premarital s**, extramarital affairs and casual s**. It’s not so normal to preserve yourself until wedding bells.



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