Saved by Grace

Give to Receive!


on April 14, 2010

…my self and my goals…

Oh wait! I haven’t really made any goals. I dreamt. Goals are dreams with deadline. Mine does not have a deadline so it is not a goal.

Start of 2010 I wrote a few supposedly goals (yup, with deadlines) but the first quarter’s over and I haven’t achieved even one.

It makes me cringe that I have not lifted my ass up this mess. Still in my hated job, loosed life. That is why I was reacting that way in my last post. I kinda do not know in what place am I in.

When you’re turning 26, and starting a hopefully another quarter of existence, you dream for a better life. Life with kids, established business and nice house and when you know that you are nowhere close to them, you want to stop dreaming. Hey wake up!

And I am awake now. I realized that I have to stop dreaming and start making hard core goals. Be focused on what I want and get my a** of the seat of comfort that I am in. Stop whining and start taking calculated risk.

Now, I have to continue the project that I have put off for 2 years (imagine how long I have had this “goal”). Also, lose weight to prepare for my baby. Yey!


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