Saved by Grace

Give to Receive!

I’m 26!!!

on April 21, 2010

…excited about it…

Yup, yesterday was my birthday. I turned 26. A lot of things spun in my mind, and boy, that made me forget that it was a big day, supposedly. I was thinking about business, work, marriage and all the other stuff. I texted my friend Irish about something about business and I completely forgot it was my birthday!

Hmmm…day 2 of the 2nd quarter of my life and I am still confused and thinking of a lot of things. I feel so disappointed about myself because I am still like this. I work for a job I don’t like, still rent an apartment and can’t decide on what to do. Although there are a lot of things I could be grateful for like my wonderful husband, I still can’t help worrying about out future. No savings, no steady and fulfilling career, nothing! And no one to hang on to.

But thinking about it makes me also think that this is God’s way of keeping me at bay. I should just learn to trust Him and not other people. I should just look for the things that are positive and be always hopeful.

I love my God and I know that He loves me no matter how doubtful and ingrate I am. I just have to re-attach myself to my Vine and hope that I will grow.


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