Saved by Grace

Give to Receive!

Of Disappointments…

on May 13, 2010

Today, I am very much unhappy. This past few days a lot of things happened that went against my plans and expectations. I became so disappointed with people, of circumstances and of myself. See, I am really trying hard to change my life for the better but people are trying to destroy me. They say I couldn’t change and I am and will always be the same person I was. What to do when that happens? Believe me I am trying very hard to reverse that belief that people impose upon me.

I think that everything is up to what I believe I am not what people think I am. Also, I would like to think that I have an audience of One and that God already forgave me and gave me chance to change. I resolve to make sure that I only depend on my Heavenly Father and disregard people’s notion of me. I resolve to stop defending myself, saying bad things about people in the process. Like what God charged me at the start of this year, I should be a living testimony of His love.

Then I also thought of the disappointment that I am giving Him. The things I did and still doing and I realized that I have caused Him so much grief. And I realized that I need to depend on Him even more because if He has forgiven me many times, I can be assured that He won’t disappoint me, He will still love me and care for me.


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