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Resurrecting an Old Yet New Blog

The title of this article means that I am getting back to blogging about my faith. Well, this is still me, but with different view. I may have ranted in my past posts, and I may still rant a bit, but now, I have a better goal for this blog.

To share the Good News of Christ and to tell everyone about the adventure and hope that He offers to everyone.

I’ve been blogging for some years now. But mostly, I do it for money. Now, I know I need to use what I have learned to spread the Truth, to tell everyone about my faith and what God has been doing in my life.

Again, this is a Christian blog, and if you are just going to bash me because of my faith, then please leave. I will only write what I believe in and I will not be apologetic if I hurt someone in the process. I am not against people, but I would speak and write about sin the way they should be conveyed.

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