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Christianity and The Law of Attraction

The title is pretty much contradicting eh?

Law of Attraction is kind of a New Age thing and of course Christianity is faith in the One and Only God.

As a Christian, I sort of practice a sort of Law of Attraction thing in my life. But I wouldn’t really call it that. In my other blog, I write about making money, acquiring wealth and all those stuff. I’d like to say that I don’t really believe in the “law” of Rhonda Byrnes but I would like to cross-reference my faith with what the book says (yup, I read the book and watched the video). Some may say that I am justifying the “belief in the law”, but believe me I am not.

I believe that as a daughter of God, I have the rights to the riches that He has. I know that He allocated some of the wealth for me since I was born. He said that He plans to prosper me (Jeremiah 29:11) and to be prosperous, I believe will please God. It means that I am working hard for my family, to help the needy and in turn will attract nonbelievers to my way of life.

I believe that God gave us the key to an abundant life. I don’t know what book I read it from, but think of this analogy : You were given by an unknown benefactor a brand new Ferrari, You’re ecstatic because you’ve been longing to replace your bicycle as a mode of transportation. So yeah, you have a Ferrari! But then one day, you’re friend calls you, you excitedly tells him you have a Ferrari but when He asks you, “so, how does it run?”. You answer, “I don’t know, I’m scared it won’t start so I just kept it in the garage! What if it does not work?” Pretty stupid huh? God has given us the key to His abundance, but sometimes our fear and distrust get ahead of us that we can’t even manage to put the keys He gave to the doorknob of His promises!

I also believe that we have to excel in everything that we do for the Lord is an excellent God. So, if we excel, the natural inclination is we get rich.

Why not believe that He is a God of possibilities? That He can lift you up in your circumstance and make His power known to people? We can get rich

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I Am Angry

Wahhh…angry or scared.Not sure yet. Hay…. My husband might blame me for moving if this doesn’t stop. I don’t know, when I got home there are 2 dead rats in front of our house, or window. Who would do that? Were new in the neighborhood, well, yeah, technically not because my family lives in this subdivision for about 8 years now. I was thinking of sabotage or there might be some people who were pretty mad or envious of us or how we live. Hay. I just pray this stops because I know that if Jojo sees it he’ll be mad and blame me for deciding on moving here.

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Moving Out

We’re moving back in Laguna this coming Sunday. We have decided on this (actually it’s me who decided and I forced my husband to it, hehehe! Nope, we mutually agreed later on) since last year but there were situation that prevented us to do so.

First, the Ondoy disaster. Well, we kinda was eyeing that house since August but due to financial constraint we were not able to do it though the owners of the house sort of saved it for us (owner: Daddy’s friend). Come first week of October we were ready to move when Ondoy came and the owners would have to let their cousin who had been affected by the flood, to live at the unit we were suppose to occupy. So, they stayed their for 2 months. We waited.

Then last December we were suppose to move, but then, the owner’s wife, passed away. Which of course we have to understand the situation so we didn’t bother to bother them about the house. Until January.

In the process, I was doubting if it was at all God’s will for us to move out of my in-laws house. When I talked to my mother-in-law about the decision 2 weeks ago. I felt her sadness and also I felt sad. I asked my husband if he ain’t sad. He said ” Oo naman, pero yun naman talaga dapat nating gawin eh. ”

It’s not that I don’t want to move out. Seriously, I was the one who asked hubby and he didn’t want to at first. Of course, their house is his comfort zone. Nanay, fixing all the things, worrying about things. It was all easy for both of us. But of course, we also know that we have to move on. We have to learn how to live on our own. We have to start minding our finances because we know there is no more Nanay who would feed us if we blew up all our salary. I would have to start getting on my feet early in the morning, to prepare my husband’s breakfast and get to work. Then clean the house aftegr work while waiting for him to come home. It will all be tiring once again. Especially now I have been used to not mind the house because Nanay can take care of it.

But I guess, that’s really how things are suppose to be. We have to do this together. Prepare to have a child and not be children anymore.

Until earlier I was doubting the decision to move, ( though I know no turning back because I have paid for the house’s rent last Saturday) and was praying for God to help me and confirm that this is indeed His will. Thankfully, I read Pastor Dennis’ blog and I thought ” hey, yeah, this is so true. I guess he should have called it a children’s room. Because like me, I have been so comfortable being a daughter-in-law that I almost forget that I am now a wife.”

So yeah, I AM NOW EXCITED TO MOVE! A bit sad, because I will miss the noise at their home, I will miss Nanay’s stories, but of course, we have to live as husbands and wives and start building a home of our own.

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Napapansin ko….

…nakakapag-post lang ako kapag masama ang loob ko….

And yes, grabe, and I know blogging somehow ease it. The thought that I am like talking to you and sort of prayer na rin.

God demands the totality of your being. That you invest all of yourSelf into celebrating the glory and the preciousness of being alive right now, no holding back and saving for later.

That came from an application in Facebook and yes it somehow, shot right through me. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Funny, this morning, well, my husband and I had an argument and yes it is the argument that most couples go through. MONEY! Priorities and other stuff. But of course, I didn’t really shout or anything, I am really afraid of him to do that. But you know, my heart was really crying.

Arggghhhh… Basta. Yun. Then after he went to work I prayed to God,” ano po ba gagawin ko? Should I look for a job? Bakit naman ang tagal ng blessings?” Hahaha….That’s just a rebellious daughter speaking to her Father.

Then, after that, Ate, my sister-in-law, got into some argument with my brother-in-law and yes, it was about money. Then I was kinda thinking “See? Lord? everybody here is having the same problem!”

And then she approached me (I was folding our clothes then and the door was open), she said ” Bakit kasi hindi pa sagutin na lang ni Lord ang lahat ng dasal natin eh no… Hindi naman sa pag-aano (she said this as a disclaimer kasi Christian din siya)… Eh kaya lang sana wala na ganitong problema!”

I said, ” well, He can’t answer all of our prayers because He needs to look into our hearts first. May nabasa akong book (Breakthrough Prayer by Pastor Jim Cymbala) sabi we need to clean our lives or at least attempt to para i-answer yung prayer natin. Like, yan yung sa 5-6, diyan pa lang wala na yung faith niyan e…Kasi if He is going to answer all our prayers and we’re doing things na una pa lang ipinagbawal niya eh, it’s like He is supporting our lifestyle di ba?”

Then she said, ” eh di yun nga dapat na lang magpadala siya ng blessing para wala ng bumbay! Kahit ilang libro naman basahin ko tungkol sa prayer wala rin kasi wala naman…”

I said (in a defeated tone), ” eh dun nga makikita yung faith e, minsan He is asking for our obedience first before He gives the blessing. Paano naman kung i-bless niya tayo with what we want e, hindi naman ready heart natin. Baka lalo lang tayo mapalayo sa kaniya” At this point, God was impressing to me, “There is your answer, ikaw na ang sumagot!”

Hahaha… You are truly my Father! Biruin mo..Hahaha…Minsan talaga ang tao no, alam naman ang sagot sa tanong eh nagtatanong pa!

Ah, then I prayed after that. Repented for every sin I know of. Then I asked Him what should I do na. Wahahaha…My husband texted ” Wag na muna.” (About the new work na papasukin ko sana). Okay, Wives submit to your husband.

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Embraced By God

July 24,2009- we went to the 25th anniversary celebration of Victory Christian Fellowship in Araneta and boy, God was sure present there. I was with Charmaine, my sister (please post the pics!) and we had a blast! Also, I was very happy to see my friends in VCF Alabang growing in their faith with God. Yeah! You are so good!

July 25,2009- went to Dad’s place in Laguna because I was hoping to look at some apartments there where we could move and to also see my grandmother. I would really want to talk to her or just see her. See, she is 84, papansin na… Hehehe…I know sPicRY3he misses me, though I know when she sees me, she will just insult me and stuff. Hahaha…But what a Christian should do? Of course, just shrug it off! I felt convicted throughout the years that I became a Christian that I should show everyone that I have changed, that God changed me. One way of doing that is mustering to be patient with my old grandma.

Rewind 2001. I was really a rebel. I was thinking, I was a rebel for a cause, I want to tell them I have every rights to live as I please it and they have to shut their mouth up about me. I shout at them (at her), I drink, I curse. Name it, I’ve done it (pwera lang drugs promise!). But as God slowly touch my heart, I begin to realize that I wasn’t really reblling for a cause, I was just ruining my life and showing people they were right about me.

Fast forward, 2009. Got married to a great man, getting strong in God, I realized that I need to be really patient. It’s not enough that I could recite Bible verses and evangelize to other people when my family, my own family, see me differently. I couldn’t be impatient anymore, I couldn’t be not understanding , most of all I couldn’t be disrespectful. I felt God is working in my heart. As I feel that I have this daunting task of witnessing to the people close to me to break the curse in our clan. I know it will never be easy because we were raised not to show our emotions, to be always angry and doubtful with each other. But you see, someone has to start. And I know that God is putting that burden in my heart.

I am happy, that I know “GOD is ahead of me touching people’s heart” (from Ptr Michael VCF-QC.) And I know that as I let God heal me, touch me, and make me forgive others, He is also doing that to the rest of my family. And in time, I will be ready to witness to them and will be able to show them how God radically changed my heart towards His.

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Know any Homebased jobs?

31b4f09d903af8a2This past few days I felt sop restless. Though I have a wonderful job, I know that this is really not me. But God is telling me to stay put so I am. When I applied to this job, I told Him I’d stay here until he tells me to move on. But it’s really hard to control the freak inside me, always thinking that I couldn’t do this, or hoping to justify that God has better things for me. But I know that God wants me to stay here. With my husband and me seeing each other only for 2 or 3 hours a day, it really makes me think twice about this job.

When I was young I never really imagined myself being a housewife. But now that I am already a wife, I am really looking forward to being a housewife. Huh? Labo. Sudden change of preference. I really want to be there when my husband arrives, cook meals for him…Ugh…I am so weird. But now, with the economic kiyemes I know that I can’t because we need to help each other out financially. I discussed to him an option, to do a homebased work. Waaaahhhh…Problem is I don’t have any idea what job would take me. Got any?

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Life Lessons from Cashflow 101

This morning I went to Ortigas with my brother-in-law’s wife to play Cashflow with the Create Abundance community. Well, I was already expecting so much about this game and we have been procrastinating for a long time. For those who don’t know Cashflow is the game that Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, invented. It teaches all about financial literacy, meaning, learning to invest and how to handle finances, learning to take calculated risk in a simulated environment. If you know Monopoly, It is more of that kind except this has more rules and more real-life. So if you want to know more, you might want to visit the community’s website

On the way to Ortigas I kept asking Dred, cashflowif there is a dress code. Because we were both wearing jeans and from my experience those kind of gathering requires that we wear some sort of a business attire but she said it is not needed since her Coach didn’t tell her.Okay, so we went in jeans. I was quite surprise to see a lot of people…wearing business attire! Well, they didn’t made us feel off so that is really okay. What really amazed me is that there at a lot of people, we filled the place and there are many tables for playing. Fun! So okay, we met our moderator, Coach Abbie and Coach Jerson and they introduced us to the rules of the game and to each other and…YAY! We were handed a balance sheet. Uh-oh! I was kinda expecting this because I read so much about the board game but seeing it in front of you made me quiver. I hate Math! I abhor Math! More so accounting! But hey, Coaches were encouraging so we started playing. We started about 9:30am and they said it would end about 12:30. Okay long 3 hours, right? Wrong. The time was not enough. When Coach was saying that we only have 5 minutes left we were saying “oh my!” Kinda saying “bitin”. Yes, believe it or not 3 hours was not enough. You want to play more, learn more and that is how exactly we felt. The game is exciting and the people in our group are very accommodating and fun. You may want to join us next time. Just email me or join the community just tell them I invited you.(My name is Clarissa Centeno)

Okay, so what did I learn? I might also be sharing what the others shared after the game.

1. I got so excited because I was getting the hang of doing calculated risk. You see, I made a big loan from the bank just to purchase this business which in fairness has high yield and ROI. So I really calculated (congratulate me!) and found out that even with loan payments and all I’ll still me making $550.00 as cashflow. Coolness. In real life most of us were taught not to take out loans for anything, and as we grow older we were forced to take out loans (from credit cards, 5-6) just so we can make ends meet. But in here, we were being coached to make loans to make more money. You see, borrow someone else’s money but make sure that even while paying that loan, you still get something out of it, cash flow, so you don’t have to borrow during emergency.

2. Saving is losing. Yup, you’re right. I was warned that most people will react negatively if I say it in public. Because what is our idea of becoming rich? Saving enough until we can buy what we want. But, if you play the game, you will learn that no matter how much money you have in your hands, you’re still not rich because the only way to become truly rich is to have passive income (income that you get even if you stop working) that is more than your monthly expenses. So you really have to invest, to make that money work for you or you’ll end up being left in the rat race.

3. Dreams are free but living your dream is expensive. But hey, that is the difference between poor, middle and rich class, the poor dreams small and the rich dreams big. So they get big. See the picture? Also, it is notable from RDPD books that the poor’s mindset always says “I can’t afford that” but the rich mindset asks ” how can I afford that?” The latter, meaning you’re making your brain work and think of possible ways of getting rich.

4. Passive income is the key. Yes, again, passive income are income that you get even without having to go to work. This will come from big businesses, and real estate investments. As you may have noticed, the rich are the people playing golf on a weekday, they dine at the most expensive restaurants during times that most of us work. Because they have passive income.

5. Leverage. Using other people’s money to generate income for yourself. In the game, you can get Small Deal Cards that contains Stock information of certain companies (fiction) and then it says, ” Only you may buy”, so the technique is to ask your co-players to get shares in that stock and since you have the information, you can ask for something in return like a cut from their dividend or profit once they sell or make a profit at hand.

6. Buy low sell high. Obviously. But we were also taught to buy at large quantity because you will not feel the profit if it’s just $2 right?

7. It’s not how much money you make it is how much you keep and how hard that money is working for you. My character in the game is a doctor. And at first we taught that was great because my salary is above all of them. But there was a downside, I had more expenses than most of the players as well. Notice the similarity in real-life. Don’t we all wonder why is it that when we have 8,000/month income it was enough but when our income ballooned to 15,000 it is still the same though there is 7,000 difference? Yes, because as our salaries go up our expenses and the cost of living that we set becomes higher as well. Instant gratification. So after the game, I joked “hmmm… Ayoko na mag-work” Hehehe.

So there. I also have some few lessons learned that are not from the board game but from the people in the community. After the game Coach Patrick Esmundo came at our table and asked us how we did. And then he imparted some invaluable life and financial lessons. He said that the path to becoming rich is not easy. A lot of people will surely contradict you in a way, sometimes even your family, so it is better if you surround yourself with people of the right mind so you can keep the desires burning. He’s not saying to leave them, but just know where the boundaries are in listening to them. After all, it is you who will make the decision. Also, he said leave your past failures in the past, don’t let it hinder you future. And also, I think, the people there are dreaming big, so they are reaching big things. And me too I dream big and I pray that I will be able to reach those dreams! Thanks CA2020 community!

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Putting My Faith in Christ

My sister, Charm, always text me during Sunday to tell me what topic they had at church and how our dear pastors there interpreted and explained it. Then she will text me some verses. This has been going on since I moved here in Rizal because I now rarely go to church or go to a different church, it is not that the church I go to now is not Christian but I just really miss my home church. So she opened up like this. ” te, ang ganda ng topic ngayon, it’s for the people who think they have faith but really don’t”. I replied “ouch! that hurts!” Then she said, “ouch talaga!”

So it was all about us being Christian but sometimes we don’t know that we’re putting our faith in our faith and not to Jesus Christ. That we tend to just hear what we want to hear from church than listen to the true and sound doctrine. Well, yeah, I think it really got me. LIke now, I rarely go to church because I miss the feeling of being in VCF Alabang. Which I know is bad. Hmmm… What else? Then she told me about God revealing to us things yet we don’t obey. Ouch! And then we are just claiming His promises but really we’re not putting any effort to it. Yeah… Like what are those I ask her. Then she told me, ” I know you know what those are. It’s really up to you to discern.” Then I came to realize a lot of things. Some petty things actually in my point of view but I am not doing anything about because I didn’t thuink God really cares for all of that. But then I suddenly remembered that God is really after our everything. He wants us as living sacrifice! ( Romans 12:1-2) So it means I really have to surrender everything to Him. Not just my prayer time, my family life but everything. As I come to think of it, God made a lot of promises to me, showed me how I can get them but still I didn’t do it. Then I prayed and here are what He told me.

He promised me I will have a child. – but I have PCOS, my OB told me I need to lose weight or it will really be hard for me to conceive. So what’s in it? I never tried to get rid of my addiction to wrong food ( which is by the way can be considered idolatry because I can’t stop it), never tried to exercise or do anything to make my womb “conceivable”. As my good friend Ganns, always joke in his blog, “our body is the temple of the Holy Sprit not the Mall of Asia”. And my doctor also told me that I really need to prepare before I get pregnant because with the weight I have right now, there’s a high risk for me to have high blood pressure when I labor.
I will be rich (or at least will be able to live a comfortable life)- but sometimes I forget to tithe. HOw can he pour out the blessings when I don’t sow sparingly? In Malachi 3:10, he promised He will pour out blessings so much we won’t have enough room for it but he has a condition, give your first 10 percent. Well, I am failing in that so that answers my question.
I will live a peaceful life- but I always indulge in chatting and whining about things that are not what He wants to hear. in 2 Timothy 2:16 it said , “Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly.” and 2 timothy 2:14 “Warn them before God against quarreling about words; it is of no value, and only ruins those who listen.” Most of the time I do this, to be honest, talk about things that are of no value, whine about my job, talk about Errol (my colleague), or anyone at that.
So these are just some of the things that I do which I didn’t realize is hindering God from using me. Of course, I understand that God wants to bless me but with these attitudes why would He take the risk. If He makes me rich now that I am not in the proper mindset it might ruin me right? I though about it, I prayed about it and He told me:

Hebrews 12:2
Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

It is really great to feel that God is talking to you. Well, throughout my life, I have wandered and wasted a great deal of my time and life yet He always call me not letting me go. Now I just have to grab my Bible and talk to Him again He might have some more revelations.

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How Does Video Games Affect Our Minds and Lives?

As I read this article, I remembered an instance when one of the closest person in my heart had a relationship in MU. It just seemed so crazy for me, like courting online, protecting each other online and the likes. Hehehe…This article is much worse. Funny though. Imagine having to kill your husband’s character in an RPG and you get sued for it! If the link foes not work, copy and paste this in your browser.


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A Noble Purpose

This morning I was reading my Bible before I went out to do the stuff that I do (work?). I follow VCF’s Bible Study guide and today being October 21st, I read 2 Timothy 2 and 2 Timothy 1(which I failed to read yesterday,sorry Lord!). What caught my attention was this verse in chapter 1 verse 7:

” … for God did not give us the spirit of timidity but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline”

And being the person that I am, I focused on the spirit of power. I immediately put in my journal:

” YEAH, God gave me the spirit of power. It means I can do everything in God who strengthens me. Rock on!”

But God told me to wait… and read on. I did…And then I read chapter 2 verse 19:

” Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.”

And chapter 2 verses 15 and 16:

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. 16Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly”

It is amazing how God detailed in the Bible how he want things to happen and what He is giving us to help us make the thing happen. Now, reading the entire chapter I knew why God told me to read on and not to just look at what I want to look at.

In the latter part of 2 Timothy 2, we are being taught to clean ourselves so we can be used for God’s noble purpose. How do we do that? He gave us the spirit of SELF-DISCIPLINE. Wow! Noticed how the word loops to where it started? Amazing. God’s message for me today is (as written in my journal):

He gave me the all the power I can use to keep His commands and serve Him, not for my own use or not for the satisfaction of men.I am given the spirit of POWER, LOVE, and SELF-DISCIPLINE, to make a difference, to be different, to help out, to share what I have and to turn away from wickeness so He can use me for His noble purpose.”

Lord, I pray that I will be able to turn away from wickedness. I pray that now, I will be able to prepare myself to be used for your noble purpose. Refine me. Purify me. Thank you for giving me the power of SELF-DISCIPLINE and I pray that I CAN USE THAT now to change my heart and my desires so that I can focus solely on serving You. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen.

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